Rustic Light Photography
Cleveland, Ohio wedding, engagement, elopement, and boudoir photographers

Meet Us

Let’s be friends

Hey there, I’m Colleen!

Good chance I’m snuggling with my dog on the couch avoiding the pile of dishes in the kitchen.
Addicted to Rom-Coms. Dog person. Clumsy as hell. Constantly chewing gum. Chai Tea Latte fan.
Dreams of moving to Scotland. Forever crying at father-daughter dances.

Ciao, this is Amanda!

I’m probably running late because I got stuck reading a smutty romance novel.
Afraid of bugs. Black belt. Gullible. Fan of “that’s what she said” jokes. Puts fries on everything.
Knows the whole footloose routine. Forever searching for the perfect English scone.

Together, we are Rustic Light Photography.

Also best friends, hopeless romantics, and travel addicts. Above all, passionate about photographing all types of love, from soulmates to self love to family. We love…love!
We’d consider ourselves photographers for the free spirits and adventurers. Believers in celebrating all forms of love and embracing spontaneity.
Our happy place is at the top of a mountain, the edge of an ocean, or up to our knees in a field of wildflowers.

We’re your girls if you prefer:
Forests > Ballrooms
Raw and real > Prim and proper
Creating your own day > Sticking to traditions
Hugs > Handshakes

Let’s meet up and grab tacos, or pizza, or burgers…can you tell we like food?
Wine or coffee works too:)